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Tile, Tub, and Sink Reglazing

While some appliances and rooms in a home are generally timeless, the bathroom is a room that shows its age quickly. Whether your once-white porcelain sink is stained from decades of use or you want to get rid of that 1970s marigold bathtub, contact Superior Glazing.

We offer sink and tub resurfacing services in Bridgeport, CT. Rather than pay the full price for a new sink or tub, have your tub or sink reglazed to give it a new lease on life. We can also resurface the tile walls or floors of your shower or bathroom.

How Tile, Tub, and Sink Reglazing Works

We can resurface porcelain and ceramic sinks and tubs. We use a heat-cured chemical that is a duplicate of porcelain that has all the best properties of epoxies, urethanes, and polyesters, such as abrasion resistance and flexibility.

When we resurface your tub or sink, it will have a glossy, durable finish that won’t crack, blister, or peel. And with over a thousand colors available, you can choose almost any hue you can imagine to match your bathroom color scheme.

If you need tile, tub, and sink resurfacing done in your Bridgeport, CT, home, call Superior Glazing today at 800-4NU-BATH (800-468-2284). 

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