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effective alternative to buying new fixtures. We can perform this service in any home or business. Once we've finished, your bathrooms will look stunning and give you the spa-like atmosphere you deserve.

Benefit From Our Expert Glazing Process

We use a test-proven chemical porcelain duplicate that settles through thermosetting. This duplicate produces a glossy, hard, and durable finish that you can easily clean. This finish will keep your tubs, sinks, and tiles looking just like new for years to come. Even if you have a large family, this finish can weather the use.

Our tile refinishing process meets the American National Standards Institute's 

specifications for porcelain. We have used this process in schools, homes, and businesses across West Haven, CT. If you find that our glazing doesn't stand up to normal wear and tear in your home, then we'll give you our new tub guarantee.

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If you'd like to book an appointment for tub reglazing at your West Haven, CT property, call us at 800-468-2284. We'll happily give you a free quote on your refinishing project and answer any of your questions.

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  • Outstanding high gloss and color retention
  • Cures to a hard, tough, abrasion- and chemical- resistant coating
  • Will not crack, blister, craze, or peel
  • Easy to clean

Tub Resurfacing in West Haven, CT

The bathrooms in your home no longer look as trendy or as shiny as they did when you first bought the property. Bathtub finishes have become rough and discolored, and the bottoms of your sinks haven't fared any better. All your bathroom fixtures need a serious update, but you dread having to pay for replacements.

Dread no more. At Superior Glazing, we offer tub resurfacing throughout the West Haven, CT area. This service gives you a fast, convenient, and cost-

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Decades of combined experience.

Tub Reglazing in CT

Contact the "Bath Doctor", where the resurfacing specialists have a solution. A low cost alternative to removing and replacing your existing bathroom fixtures.

We offer honest, up front pricing.
Fixture and tub reglazing we completed in CT